Environmental Practices


EIFORSA, is involved with protecting the environment. We try to minimize our environmental impact, following these four guidelines:


Sustainable forest management


Endorsed by PEFC certification. We ensure that the timber that we trade, has been logged according to responsable logging practices. All the timber that we use in manufacturing utility poles and poles for agricultural purposes, has been felled in Spain, respecting all applicable regulations.


Our goal is to minimize fossile fuel consumption


Wood is a natural and renewable resource. For it´s transformation, little energy consumption is required compared to other materials such as concrete or steel. We air-dry our timber, so that no energy is required during the drying process. We use biomass fuel (scraps of timber) in our manufacturing process (heating of creosote).

secado natural M
Our poles are air-dried, with no energy consumption during the process.

We recycle pressure treated timber


We inspect dismounted utility poles, giving them a second life whenever it´s posible. All the scraps and waste from treated timber is sent to waste managing companies.

Stakes for fencing, manufactured from reused pressure treated timber.

We believe in a sustainable and renewable material: timber


Logging helps the development of remote areas where jobs are scarce, helping develop the local economy. Forests that are properly managed are less likely to suffer from forest fires. Using treated timber, helps extend the time that CO2 is retained in the wood before the decay of the timber generates this gas.