EXPLOTACIONES E IMPREGNACIONES FORESTALES,S.A.(EIFORSA), was created with the intention to supply wooden poles for utility lines (telephone, telegraph and electricity), demanded by the developing Spanish economy in the early 20th century.

The company was established in 1.946 in La Peña (Huesca), with the adquisition of a small existing workshop. This location was chosen because of the proximity to pine forests located in the Pyrenees, and the existence of a railroad line at the site of the factory.

historia 1 M

Train loaded with timber at the Santa María y La Peña station.


In the first decades of the existence of the company, the main activity was manufacturing wooden poles and crossarms for electrical, telegraph and telephone lines, for the Spanish market. The especies of wood used were Pinus sylvestris and Pinus nigra.

historia 2 M

Picture of one of the company´s first trucks.


The main preservative used for treating timber since the foundation of the company, has been creosote. Since the late 1970´s we have also offered treatment with copper-based preservatives.

In the early 1960´s, the company decided to sell their products abroad, while continuing to supply poles to the Spanish market. Several contries in Africa as well as other Mediterranean countries, started to buy our utility poles.

historia 3 M

Picture published in a magazine from Cyprus. This picture was extracted from an article published in the 1980´s. It shows our factory during an inspection carried out by our client.

historia 4 M

Train wagons loaded with utility poles on their way to the African continent.


In the mid 1980´s the company diversified it´s activity, manufacturing poles for agricultural purposes, and also treated lumber for gardening and playground and park equipments.

historia 5 M

Flyer distributed in the mid 1980´s.


In past years, the factory had more tan 60 employees. With the automatisation of some processes, the number of employees decreased. In the present times, the company has 30 employees, 25 of which work at the factory located in Huesca.

historia 6 M

View of the factory in the mid 1980´s.